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Is There A Dog In This Book?

Viviane Schwarz

Walker Books


September 2014


Hooray, a lift-the-flap book that is actually fun and clever and in which the flaps are used meaningfully.
We open the book and immediately meet three cats, Tiny, Moonpie and Andre – identified by the names on their foodbowls.
On the next page they are looking disgruntled. Someone has drunk up all their milk. Someone has chewed Tiny’s tiny toy. And Andre reckons that mean there’s a ‘dog in this book’.
Cue for some hide-and-seek.
They hide behind the sofa. Then inside the piano. Next in a wardrobe. Finally in a suitcase, which is where the dog sniffs them out.
My favourite spread is coming up. The three cats recoil, but then notice the dog looks friendly. Tiny decides to reach out and… (turn the flap) touch. Moonpie, from looking terrified, reaches out and says, “Ooh! It is… so soft.” Andre goes next and agrees.
The reader is ionvited to stretch out a hand and stroke the dog.
But the dog gets frightened and runs off.
Now we need to lift the flaps to find the dog.

This is Viviane Schwarz’s (in 2011 she was a winner of Booktrust’s Ten Best New Illustrators Award) third Cats book. It’s fab!

Where Is Rusty?

Sieb Posthuma

Gecko Press


Sep 2014


Sieb Posthuma, a Dutch author/illustrator, has produced a highly likeable story about a family excursion to a large department store. It’s instantly apparent from the opening page that we are in a world peopled by dogs. The bus driver in the first illustration is a dog. The car driver is a dog. The passengers are dogs. And rusty is one of three young dogs travelling to the department store with their mother.
“It’s very busy inside,” [mom] says. “So what do we do?”
“We all stay together!” chant Rusty, Henrietta and Toby.
But of course they don’t.
Rusty is led astray by the smell coming from a customer whose basket shows that they have just come from the food department. He follows her into a lift and the adventure begins.
One of those picture books that works almost entirely because of the lively light-hearted illustrations.