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The Conversation Train

Joel Shaul

Jessica Kingsley


February 2014


This is a really clever and helpful book aimed at giving autistic children a better understanding of how everyday conversations work, using the analogy of a steam train.
The engine or locomotive starts the conversation up with a greeting. The tender provides some locomotive power with a ‘How are you?’ or similar. And then, using illustrations of the freight wagons, the author shows how important turn-taking is in conversation, and how a non-sequitur remark can potentially derail things.
It’s very appealingly done, and there are photocopiable worksheets at the back for reinforcement and assessment.
This is a very high-quality resource, confidently recommended.
It was first published in America in 2010 by Autism Teaching Strategies.

The Asperkid’s Game Plan

Jennifer Cook O’Toole

Jessica Kingsley


April 2014


Jessica Kingsley is an independent publisher known for its strength in publishing books about mental health and autism. The author of this title was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome in adulthood and is the mother of three children with Aspergers.
Her book explains in very practical detail how to structure play that engages Asperkids in a way that will reinforce ASD strengths whilst also addressing ASD weaknesses.
It’s a substantial very well-produced hardback, plentifully illustrated with colour photos.
Recommended both for parents and educational settings.