Ella Bella Ballerina and Cinderella

James MAyhew



September 2009

The Cinderella story as revealed in a musical reverie…
Ella Bella has gone to her ballet lesson with only one ballet shoe. The teacher lends her a pair from a trunk filled with beautiful old shoes. “You remind me of Cinderella,” says the dancing instructor. “She also lost a shoe.”
The children dance to a musical box. While the rest of the class go and get changed Ella starts the musical box again and imagines herself into the Cinderella story, where all the familiar elements are mostly present, except for the glass slippers, which here are replaced by silver dancing shoes that Ella finds in the trunk.
Mayhew’s illustrations are, as always, beautifully fluent.
The final page explains that in Prokofiev’s ballet of Cinderalla there is also no glass slipper, but instead a pair of dancing shoes.
This picture book would make a delightful present for any young girl just beginning to take an interest in dance and music.

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