Found – The Missing, Book One

Margaret Peterson Haddix



March 2009 (f.p. US 2008)

Excellent start to a new sequence of titles from Peterson-Haddix. Difficult to review without spoilers, because it’s important that readers take the start of the book at (relative) face value.
A mystery plane arrives at an airport. The only passengers are thirty-six babies.
Thirteen years later, two adopted friends receive threatening anonymous messages and, with the help of one boy’s sister, set out to investigate.
It’s absolutely gripping and written in an easy unobtrusive style that ends each short chapter on a cliffhanger.
Eventually, as the complicated explanation of the thirty-six babies on the plane and where they came from is revealed, readers will have the philosophical lobes of their brain exercised as well as experiencing the adrenalin rush of the exciting narrative.
How stupid to slap 11+ on the back jacket, as if there aren’t plenty of 9/10 year olds capable of enjoying it.

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