Frankenstein – Classical Comics Graphic Novel

Mary Shelley/Jason Cobley

Classical Comics


Autumn 2008

Classical Comics are an interesting operation. Based in the UK, since 2006 they have been publishing graphic novels aimed at early teen readers. Instead of churning out Batmans however, the comic company has made a name for itself with some excellent adaptations of Shakespeare plays (Henry V and Macbeth). Their unique selling point is that they offer differently lettered editions depending on whether you want to read the original text, a full translation into modern English in the spirit of the original, or an easier to read full modernisation.
The first of their new titles is Mary Shelley’s gothic horror Frankenstein. Sensitively adapted by Jason Cobley, with all the gore and horror painted superbly by Declan Shalvey. There are only two versions of this one – an Original text closely based on Shelley’s novel, and a Quick text version that updates and condenses the dialogue without compromising the story. My class of Year 6 children has been mesmerized by this classic tale, with the quick text the preferred read. Unlike the slow, cumbersome nuts-n-bolts Frankenstein of old, this version is stylish and cool.
reviewed for ACHUKA by Michael Lucchesi

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