Silverfin – The Graphic Novel

Charlie Higson & Kev Walker



Autumn 2008

Like the Young Bond series itself, the first Young Bond Graphic Novel adaption is a cut above all others in its class. Kev Walker’s artwork and layouts are more Marvel than Manga and capture the look and feel of the 1930s and a more classic Bond – Sean Connery. The effect is magical, appealing to both older readers as well as early teens in a style similar to Neil Gaiman’s Stardust.
The graphic format suits Young Bond like a black tux and an Aston Martin, and even though there are no major omissions from the original, Kev Walker’s artwork creates a tense pace with lots of visual winks for Bond fans. Like Bond wearing #007 on his chest during the sports day race.
As a teacher, I really hope this format is successful as there is a lack of graphic novels for early and pre-teen readers with most of the Batmans, Young Sherlock Holmes and Young Indiana’s being too adult orientated. Unlike these, Silverfin would sit happily in a year 4 class and is the perfect tonic for Year 6 boys who wrestle with and lose interest in orthodox print fiction.
reviewed for ACHUKA by Michael Lucchesi

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