Nat Fantastic

Giles Andrae & Katharine McEwen

Orchard Books


Autumn 2008

This was a big hit with the group of 5 & 6 year-olds I read it to this afternoon. The illustrations are a delight. Bright and bold without being brash. Full of colour and life. The storyline has a repeating refrain which soon has the audience joining in with gusto.
Nat loves his bedtime story. We soon find out why. Mum is constantly interrupted in the reading of it – carrots on the boil, telephone ringing, doorbell buzzing and each time she goes away to attend to these things Nat has a sneezing fit which turns him into Nat Fantastic and off he goes on an amazing adventure. After the sneeze, “FLASH! BANG! WHIZZ! KABOM! NAT FANTASTIC’S IN THE ROOM!” Antoehr sneeze brings him safely back to his bedroom after he variously saves a boatful of schoolgirls from a crocodile, goes to the rescue of an old lady about to be crushed by her disintegrating house and foils a bank robbery by wrestling the villains to the ground.
Bedtime doesn’t get more exciting than this. Five chicks!

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