Charlie Small: Gorilla City

Nick Ward

David Fickling Books


Mar 2007

Occasionally one holds a book in one’s hand that is the subject of much torment, trial and tribulation. Found on the banks of the Rivery Wyre at Skippool, Lancashire, ‘Charlie Small: Gorilla City’ is one such book. Its protagonist, the eponymous Charlie who, paradoxically reveals he has lived for over four-hundred years has been flung headlong into adventures of the most extraordinary kind…
When trying out a raft that he and his father built, Charlie gets struck by lightning. From here-on-in, Charlie’s adventures begin as he befriends a wonderfully inventive Steam Rhinoceros, is attacked by a monstrous giant snake and finally is kidnapped by a gang of gorillas who hold the expectation he might present marital material!
A rip-roaring, page-turning adventure that will leave readers wondering, just what has happened to Charlie, what misfortunes will before him in the next thrilling instalment, just where that instalment might be found and’ whether he will ever return home in time for tea! Serialised young adventure of the most imaginative and exciting, but also reassuring type, look out for episodes recounted through the journals of Charlie himself…

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