One Year With Kipper

Mick Inkpen

Hodder Children’s Books


Sep 2006

One of the most familiar and favoured dogs in children’s literature makes a return in this annual account of life. Beginning in January, Kipper takes photographs with his new camera ‘ used to photograph key events in each month ‘ and makes a New Year’s resolve not to throw snowballs at Tiger. This is quickly broken, however, as in February the snowfall proves too tempting to pay no heed towards. March, April and May elapse with high winds, ponds full of frogs and tadpoles and blossom and ducklings.
The summer months of June, July and August pass in a reverie watching insects in the long grasses, of hot, hot storms and of summer holidays. Autumn arrives and with it the months of September, October and November bring brambles full of blackberries, pumpkins, twiggy branches and warm, misty breath in frozen air.
The story concludes in December as Kipper prepares for Christmas, making a special present for his friend Tiger, this it transpires is the yearbook with all of the photographs he has taken throughout the course of the book. Special mention must be made of the different palettes Mick Inkpen sensitively utilises to successfully evoke each of the seasons, the blues and white of winters, the fresh greens of spring, the bright colours of summer and the golden browns of Autumn.

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