Uuan the Lamb

Sandra Klaassen

Floris Books


Sep 2006

Uan is Gaelic for lamb. Set upon a small, somewhat old-fashioned, though beautiful island in the sea, a farming family live, battling against the elements to secure a livelihood. One springtime an abandoned newborn lamb is found of the shoreline.
Bedraggled and famished, the lamb is rubbed dry, given milk and placed in a box next to the range. The family adopt the lamb and take special care of her to compensate for the absence of her mother. She is played with and cuddled and as she grows in size and strength, so too she grows in confidence following the children of the family everywhere.
Eventually Uan has grown big enough to join the other lambs in the field, where she plays games with them and has fun. She becomes a sheep and one day has a lamb herself, becoming the best mother in the world.
This is a tender, sweet story evoking the love and care that enables children ‘ of whatever species! ‘ to grow and develop, finally being able to utilise the knowledge and experiences of their own childhood experiences responsively.

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