Wild About Books

Judy Sierra, ill. Marc Brown

Frances Lincoln


Jul 2006

In the summer of 2002, Springfield librarian Molly McGrew drives her mobile library into the zoo. Initially, the animals are suspicious and resistant and it appears folly, but librarian Molly, armed with knowledge of the best story to read to conquer the biggest level of resistance, attracts a mink and a moose by reading aloud from good Dr Seuss.
Shortly thereafter a stampede for reading begins with each animal and creature having his or her own particular penchant. The giraffes love tall books, the geckos love stick to the wall books, the pandas love Chinese books, the otters love water proof Harry Potter, the llamas love dramas and the hyenas and snakes love joke books.
‘Wild About Books’ succeeds brilliantly in showing the diverse reading tastes that can accompany a love of books, it emphases the importance of discussion, of dialogue and of debate. Reading is not show here as being solitary and isolated, but real culture for reading is depicted. A marvellous achievement and one itself that reads aloud in a group brilliantly well and is a gift for the level of tie-in craft sessions and activities that could so easily be themed around the story.

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