I very really miss you

Jane Kemp, ill. Jonathan Langley

Frances Lincoln


Jul 2006

The prospect of big brother Ben going away on school camp for a week is one that brings a smile to Ben’s face as Sam remembers the means Ben employs to tease and taunt, boss and belittle him as only a big brother knows best! Sam looks forward to the respite that time spent on his own will provide.
The reality of Ben’s absence, however, makes Sam appreciate the fun and the frolics, the games and the guffaws the pair have shared together. To alleviate Sam’s pinings, his mother suggests he writes a postcard articulating his feelings to his brother.
Sam eagerly anticipates the return of his brother and on his homecoming, Ben whispers to him how he missed him too. Contrary to the misguided notion that boys are all rough and rigour, with two brothers at its heart, this book legitimises male emotion and indeed the importance of communicating these.

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