Just in Case

Meg Rosoff



Aug 2006

An exhilarating and accelerated sense of change, of personal evolution and development are the driving forces behind the eagerly awaited new novel by Meg Rosoff. The novel charts the life of the eponymous Justin Case, the assumed name of David Case, following an epiphany as to the fragility of life and the influence fate plays upon the future’
In assuming the identity of Justin Case a wholesale change of appearance and of outlook is engendered for the protagonist previously known as David’ Fascinatingly this leads to a disruption to the sequential line along which most people’s lives are ‘seen’ to be led
Readers are made privy to a series of discursive vignettes that constitute the life of Justin. This is achieved in an assured and lively manner. The imagination and eccentricity of Justin make him an immensely agreeable if not at times a worryingly breakable individual whose fears, feelings and frighteningly fatalistic outlook on life isolate him from the society that orbits around him.
Justin’s personality is one of extremes, the love he harbours for Agnes who becomes ensnared by Justin’s vitality and his web-like neediness, fast becomes all-consuming leaving him incomplete amidst a mire of uncertainty. The gradual corrosion of the influences of logic, reason and rationale in lesser hands could become dirge-like and dull, that the prose here is iridescent, teeming with differing philosophies of perspective and perspective, makes for a strikingly life-affirming read that is not easily forgotten.

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