On the Ghost Trail

Chris Powling

A & C Black


Jun 2006

Sibling jibes, rivalry and jackanapes form the background to Chris Powling’s book ‘On the Ghost Trail’ which forms a part of the ‘Mystery and Adventure Stories’ collection for year three pupils in A & C Black’s ‘White Wolves’ range for guided reading. An accompanying resource guide can be bought to support use in class. This series has been developed in conjunction with the Centre for Literacy in Primary Education.
People often attribute shared characteristics between dog and owner, here it is grandpa’s house that is painted as being similar to him ‘ it being old, creaky and somewhat untidy! It makes a classic setting for a ghost story,
Adam plants the seed of doubt in his younger brother and sister’s minds (Ben and Susie respectively) when he suggests that the cobwebs in the fireplace are actually trails left behind by ghosts, or that the twig tap-tap-tapping on the window pane is in fact a ghost’s heart beat.
So begins a midnight mission, a dare amongst the two brothers that they should visit a nearby graveyard. Whilst there, however, a flash of intense light startles them and they immediately run for safety’ Is the light a supernatural apparition or is there a more surprising ending still?! A fun book that explores the nature of bravery.

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