Mick Manning and Brita Granstr’m

Frances Lincoln


Jul 2006

If you’re struggling to tell the difference between an Oviraptor and a Velociraptor, or knowing your Tyrannosaurus from your Brachiosaurus, ‘Dino-Dinners’ is the book for you.
Published by Frances Lincoln in conjunction with the National History Museum, ‘Dino-Dinners’ ties in with the opening of the museum’s new family exhibition ‘Dino Jaws’. Granstr’m and Manning have joined forces here to outline the dietary delectations of numerous dinosaurs. These are told in verses alongside illustrations of the giant lizards dining.
Each dinosaur entry is supplemented by a black-and-white illustrated fact box, providing pronunciation details for their names, the time period in which they lived, their size and other facts. This is a great first book about dinosaurs and one that will have you coming back to find out more time after time.
Poo is the new black in children’s literature and, as is the inevitable conclusion with even the most delicious dining experience, this book ends with a great dino-dollop of the stuff’

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