Mick Manning and Brita Granstr’m

Frances Lincoln


Jun 2006

Guzzle, gobble, snap, snap, ate, caught, snap, snap, swallow’ There’s a wonderful style and warmth of expression in Mick Manning and Brita Granstr’m’s latest collaboration, ‘Snap!’. Starting with the imperative, ‘Look!’ it presents readers with an x-ray-specs-view of the food-chain in masticatory-motion!
End papers are a remarkably reminiscent abstract of collage material evoking grasslands, the horizon and the wide expanse of sky. This rich and multi-layered technique of collage forms the backdrop for each of the pages with coloured pencil and ink being used to overlay additional fine detail. The resultant illustrations effervesce with all the energy and humorous expression familiar to followers of Granstr’m and Manning’s work.
The text brims with playful good humour and chuckles along delighting in the variety and range of the English language, establishing a rhythmic pace that makes this an ideal book for reading aloud and for performance.

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