ACHUKA - Sharon Creech
Sharon Creech
My hair colour: Dark brown.
My eye colour: Dark brown.
My shoe size: 7
My star sign: Leo
My favourite book when child: Timbertoes .
My favourite fictional character: Huck Finn.
Books that inspired me to become an illustrator: Catcher In The Rye; The Great Gatsby; Marcovaldo; The Grapes of Wrath.
My favourite author: Carol Shileds and Flannery O'Connor.
My ideal reading position: Lying in bed.
My usual means of marking a place in a book: Bookmark or, alas, folding down the page.
My favourite time of year: Early summer.
My favourite time of day: Summer!
My best time for working: Morning.
The first piece of writing I was paid for was: A poem titled 'Cleansing,' for which I was paid a thousand dollars.
My favourite TV show: Seinfeld.
My favourite actor: Hmmm...Don't know.
My favourite song: Hmmm...Don't know.
My favourite savory food: (After 16 years in this country, I still can't figure out what 'savory' is...)
My favourite sweet food: Chocolate-covered brazil nuts.
My typical bedtime is: 10pm.
My favourite year of childhood (age 4-16): Twelve.
My mousemat design: The zodiac.
The tidiest place in my home is: The living room.
The untidiest place in my home is: Any closet.
The working tool I would least like to do without: My Macintosh computer.
The creature comfort I would most unwillingly go without: Heat. I hate to be cold.

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