ACHUKA Authorfile: Pete Johnson

ACHUKA Authorfile #31

Pete Johnson

My hair colour: Dark brown.
My eye colour: Blue.
My shoe size: Eleven.
My favourite book when child: 101 Dalmatians by Dodie SMith. Friends would say, 'You're not reading it again, are you!'
My favourite fictional character: Just William. I thought he had some brilliant ideas, like pensions for boys.
Books that inspired me to become a writer: 101 Dalmatians (he author, Dodie Smith, was the first person to encourage me to become a writer); Catcher In The Rye by J. D. Salinger (the author seemed to be speaking directly to me).
My favourite author: Raymond Chandler - If ever I'm feeling dull or stupid, I just read a few pages of his prose: the most stylish and economic writer ever.
My ideal reading position: Reclining in bed.
My usual means of marking a place in a book: Bookmark.
My favourite time of year: Spring.
My favourite time of day: Early evening.
My best time for working: Definitely the morning. I aim to start writing by about half past seven.
The first piece of work I was paid for was: A piece about going to the cinema. I was eleven.
My favourite TV show: Fawlty Towers - the most brilliant comedy ever written.
My favourite song: This varies almost from hour to hour. I haven't got one all-time favourite.
My favourite actor: Cary Grant (all-time) and Kevin Spacey (contemporary). My favourite actress is Ingrid Bergman.
The creature comfort I would most unwillingly relinquish: My video - I use it every single day.
My favourite sweet food: Chocolate, especially Easter eggs (their chocolate is uniquely delicious).
My favourite savory food: Flaky mushroom rollo, best served with herb sauce.
My typical bedtime is: About eleven o' clock. There is no point in me going to bed any earlier; my body isn't programmed to sleep before then. When I'm not working I love to stay up much later!
My favourite year of childhood: 8-11. I changed schools and moved to a super school in a village. I could come home for lunch every day, all my friends lived nearby and the sun seemed to shine practically all the time. Moving to a secondary school was especially grim afterwards.
My mousemat design: Star Wars.
The tidiest place in my home is: The guest room.
The untidiest place in my home is: Everywhere else, especially the room I'm working in. I just moult papers all over the place.
The working tool I would least like to do without: Pen and pencil.