Special Guest #30
Joan Bauer


Biographical Sketch

Joan Bauer was born July 12, 1951, in Oak Park, Illinois. She grew up in River Forest (in the same state of Illinois) and now lives in Darein, Connecticut. From the age of 12 had various working experience, including: assistant typing teacher, waitress, and receptionist. Her first serious job serious job was as an advertising sales rep at the Chicago Tribune. She also worked as a district sales manager at McGraw-Hill Publishing, and at Parade Magazine. She writes: "I’ve been a freelance writer for eighteen years—first as a journalist, then a short stint as a screenwriter, and finally, a novelist."

Asked about her first published work, she responds: "First ever was when I won second prize in the Chicago Tribune Fruit and Vegetable Poetry contest. I wrote a stirring poem about my life long hatred of lima beans called "Lima Bean Blues." I also got a job at the Tribune because of that poem--the sales manager hated lima beans, too. You just never know where vegetables can take you. First published magazine article was in American Baby magazine: "My Baby Needs Surgery" about my infant daughter’s surgery. First published novel—Squashed."

She has won a large number of awards for her fiction:

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