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Duckie's Ducklings - A one to ten counting book

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Frances Barry
Walker Books
Feb 2005
They say never judge a book by its cover. But it�s hard not to with this one, which stands out from the crowd with its unusual rounded edges.

This tactile style continues within with collages made from cut and torn paper. The fuzzy edged ducklings look soft enough to stroke!

The story is simplicity itself. It's time for a swim, but Duckie can't find her brood anywhere. As she searches through the garden, cutaway pages reveal the missing ducklings appearing, one by one, behind her. Such pantomime humour is sure to delight the very young.

Duckie�s ducklings are bright and bold and stand neatly in single file, making them easy to count. More clear and colourful objects are waiting to be counted on every page � three butterflies fluttering through the roses, four dandelions growing by the swing, five caterpillars feasting in the cabbage patch � which make this a counting book worth returning to again and again.