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It Didn't Happen

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Sandra Glover
Andersen Press
Oct 2005
Sandra Glover is a daring writer. Her prose pulls out subjects that desperately matter to young people. Her books are dynamic. Readers cannot sit on the sidelines allowing words to wash over them. The narrative must be engaged with. Readers make active decisions about what they believe and feel and thereby are responsible for crafting their own distinctive interpretation on what they have read. This makes the books perfect for discussion, for sharing and debating ideas and issues.

In It didn�t happen a complex understanding is shown for the way memory and truth underpin the way we grapple with our past, thereby forging a place for us in the present and allowing means for us to push into our every future� The story is told in snatched vignettes between Paul and a third person narrator that focuses on his sister Laura and ex-girlfriend Melissa. It is this duplicity of views that allows for a blurring and obfuscation of fact and truth. Just as it is impossible to speak too highly of this book, it is impossible to tell too much without influencing possible interpretations.

Badly disabled following an accident on a motorcycle, Melissa cannot see how her life, her aims and aspirations can be met. Feeling inexorably guilty at the fate Melissa has befallen, Paul craves to support and help his ex-girlfriend. Together they set off towards the sea one night and what follows could either be deeply tragic or life-affirming and magic � piece the puzzle together and decide for yourself!