The Flute

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Rachna Gilmore ill,. Pulak Biswas
June 2011
32 pp
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Movingly told, simply but effectively illustrated by one of India's best-known illustrators, this is a lovely short story by Governor General Award-winning author, Rachna Gilmore. Set in a countryside prone to flooding, it tells the story of Chandra who is left an orphan after her parents are swept away by floodwater. All she has to remember them by is the wooden flute that her mother used to play so beautifully. Taken in by a cruel and merciless aunt and uncle, Chandra is treated as a slave. The flute is the only object of comforrt in her world. Even after she loses it (swept away by swollen river waters) the flute is able to perform its magic, filling her spirit with hope, and even feeding her body. Finally, after another flood, Chandra is taken in by a kind couple, who treat her not as a slave but as their own daughter. Pleasingly designed and printed, this is a picture book to keep in a home library for many a year. Warmly recommended.

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