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Eye Of The Crow

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Shane Peacock
Tundra Books
September 2007
250 pp
Whole book read
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Andrea Deakin sent me this Canadian winner of the 2008 Arthur Ellis Best Juvenile Crime Novel Award quite some time ago, but I only recently picked it up. And enjoyed it. It is well-written and well-paced, though on balance I would have preferred the narrative in a traditional past tense, rather than the rather stylised continuous present used by Peacock. The dustjacket of Tundra's hardback edition shows a detailed Victorian streetmap of central London on the reverse, and the city details in the story are amongst the features that make this an enthralling read. Young Sherlock - depicted here at times almost like a Spiderman hero - sets out to prove a man wrongly accused of murder innocent of the crime. It's a colourful tale involving crows, glass eyeballs and several quite harrowing scenes. For Conan Doyle aficionados there are familiars in the cast, including the name Lestrade. The first book in a series.