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PJ Reece
Tradewind Books
January 2010
There are some things not quite right about this novel: the ending is so overwrought I had to read it twice to make sure I understood what was going on; the main first-person character's pregnancy (revealed very near the beginning of the book, so this is not a spoiler) is never convincingly portrayed, even to a male reader, and I imagine will ring even less true to a female reader; the 'romance' that develops between Roxy and a Greek local also scores low on believability. Despite these weaknesses the book can be recommended as a riveting read, about a 17-year-old who travels to Greece to discover the truth about her ancestry from her eccentric Scottish grandfather. The author's background is in the film world -mainly as a cinematographer, but he has written screenplays as well. And this is one of those books that reads very cinematically, which is why the thinness of the characterisation, including Roxy herself, would be perfectly OK if the plot were ever filmed - and I can see it being made into a very diverting 100 minute foreign location cine drama, with several cameo roles for older actors, and opportunities for exotic flashbacks. Reece writes excellently. His sentences roll smoothly, and it was only at the very end that I had to stop and re-read, as described above.