Lucy Christopher
April 2009

This is a jaw-droppingly impressive debut novel. It brought to mind two other extraordinarilly good novels - The Collector by John Fowles and Z for Zacchariah by Robert O'Brien - as it will for other readers familiar with those books, and it says much for Lucy Christopher's promise as an author that her first novel can stand proudly side by side with those two titles.

The bare narrative outline: a teenage girl is 'stolen', in other words abducted, from a foreign airport while on holiday with her family, by a young man who, it transpires, has been stalking her for years. He imprisons her in a very remote region of the Australian desert. The girl makes some efforts to run away until it becomes apparent that all attempt at escape is futile.

To begin with the girl despises her captor. In time she comes to have feelings both of admiration and affection for him and it is to Lucy Christopher's credit as an author that she manages to take her readers on this same journey so that by the end of the book we also feel sympathetic towards the abductor despite his crime.

Subtitled 'A letter to my captor', Stolen is an intense first-person voice narrative, which never falters. It has the page-turning propulsion of a thriller and many a time I needed to put the book down to get on with something else, but had to read four or five more pages before it was possible to do so.

If the right lead actors could be found it would make a superb movie. The narrative features a feral camel and there are several 'action' scenes that would make great cinema. Although the author now lives in Wales, it is no surprise to discover that she spent much of her childhood in Australia. The sense of place, of remote desert wilderness, is really well evoked.

I don't have anything else to say about this book, other than, "Buy it, read it, tell someone else about it."


I read that novel last year. I liked the DJ Matt Kitshon character most. Lucy Christopher is one of my most favorite writer.

Stolen is an excellent book. It's about a girl called Gemma. In an airport, about to embark on holiday with her family, she is drugged by a young man she meets. I really liked the whole story. You will also know how to make scrambled eggs if you read it.

Thanks, thats a great post.I haven't read the book myself but have seen the A3 poster printing and will be sure to check it out.

This is really a great novel! I just can't stop reading it since I got to read the first page! Lucy Christopher's best novel for me. Pay attention to this enormously urgent story!

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