How to get Famous

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Pete Johnson
Jun 2008

"In my opinion fame is like a giant blue bubble... This blue bubble can quite suddenly come floating and shining towards you, showering you with glory. And it's great being even a bit famous... But the thing is... this blue bubble of fame appears when it feels like it... But I know it can vanish in an instant..."

The frail, fickle nature of fame has been a recurring theme in Pete Johnson's fiction, in 'I'd Rather Be Famous', astute comment was made as to the types of decision that are driven only by outward appearance, by what others think rather than what we ourselves actually feel. In 'The Hero Game', Charlie's idolisation of his grandfather and his sheer determination to immortalise him are challenged by revelations as to his grandfather's past, that he finds difficult to equate with his present perception of his uncle.

'How to get Famous' sees friends Tobey and Georgia desperately seeking the lime-light but learning the bitter consequences that follow failure and rejection. This is exacerbated further still by the crushing humiliation Tobey faces at an audition in which Georgia is successful. Pressures of personal hopes that are defeated alongside the achievement of friends' achievement places friendship into a fragile context.

In a surprise turn, however, Johnson achieves a twist that demonstrates incisively the spontaneous manner via which we affect and influence others through our actions as compared with the forced nature of acting and rehearsal.

Tobey's comic capers, retold through an approachable epistolary style, make for a humorous and affectionately told story that is elevated through the characteristic social comments and human observations that permeate this author's work.

1 Comment

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