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Jerry Spinelli
Aug 2007
Nine year old David�s mother has died in a recent freak accident. He now lives with his grandmother as, having pushed himself firm into the throes of work as a means for coping and survival, his father appears too busy to look after him.

Keen to see David with others of his own age, his grandmother insists on his attending an egg hunt over Easter. Caught in a reverie, David instead begins looking the woods and finds an egg in the mouth of what he believes to be a dead body.

Through a series of false-starts, trust and mistrust, David is befriended by the thirteen-year-old Primrose who has no dad and a neglectful, eccentric, fortune-telling mother. Realism and surrealism interweave to concoct a heady memorable rites-of-passage narrative whereby neither David nor Primrose feel complete, happy or entirely understood and supported.

Spinelli�s understated narrative brings the two together as friends whose bonds are robust and rigorous. A moving account of the way we each of us depend upon others even at those times when we endeavour to assert our independence most stridently.

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