The Summoning

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E. E. Richardson
The Bodley Head
Apr 2007
The occult forms an ever present source of inspiration and intrigue for horror writers and E. E. Richardson�s �The Summoning� is no exception. Initially sceptical about his grandfather�s dabblings in the occult, Justin endeavours to expose the fear and irrationality he believes must belie the hyper-logical persona of his class-mate Daniel Eilerson through the summoning of a spirit.

The prank falls somewhat flat, however, when an apparition does indeed appear and begins maligning Justin, his sister and Daniel with an ever forceful vehemence. As in previous works, �The Devil�s Footsteps� and �The Intruders�, Richardson�s prose is sparse, taut and highly charged. The book transcends much of the genre through its exposure of intergenerational familial dysfunction and the ramifications of a failure to reach resolution. Dark, brooding and boldly different...

1 Comment

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