The Beast Within

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Catherine MacPhail
Apr 2007
Continuing the story of Ram, �The Beast Within� follows on from �Into the Shadows� as the second book in the �Nemesis� series. Ram suffers a type of amnesia meaning he is unaware of his background or parentage and finds himself subject to the types of desires and expectation that others fulfil through him.

This takes a sinister turn when he is captured on the moors and is appropriated as a couple�s child� A beast is reputed to be at large on the moors and there are rumours concerning the disappearance � and possible murder of a child.

Catherine Macphail�s text probes at identity, stimulating question as to just who is after Ram, the nature of the knowledge he possesses and why this poses a threat to certain individual� MacPhail seeds the idea of latent knowledge and examines how we operate in an environment when we lack understanding of our positions within that society.

1 Comment

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