The Wooden Mile

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Chris Mould
Mar 2007
�If ever a kid could look after himself, here he was. Stanley could box like a champ. A proper little jack-rabbit he was, and like all true champs he had the heart of a lion along with that mane of stringy blond hair.�

With its nuances of shadow and uncertainty, darkness pervades throughout Chris Mould�s new book, �The Wooden Mile�. The first in a series, �Something Wickedly Weird�, featuring the unlikely hero Stanley Buggles, these books mark Mould�s first full length fictional offerings.

Following the death of Admiral Bartholomew Swift, Stanley inherits the Estate of Candlestick Hall on Crampton Rock. A peopled by a peculiar populace, Crampton Rock is cut off from the mainland by a mile long jetty that is only traversable at low tide, meaning the community harbours more than its share of dark secrets...

Bringing together a brigand of pirates, a prophetic pike, a lycanthrope in the guise of a sweet-shop owner in addition to a hoard of treasure, �The Wooden Mile� is a faster-than-light, highly paced exciting story for newly independent readers.

Illustrations are carefully interwoven and add a brilliant visualisation to the sense of shady, brooding menace� As much weirdly wicked as wickedly weird! With its discernable rhythm and pace, here is a story that rises above mere words, it is a symphony of shadows � music for the mysteriously minded, a masterpiece in miniature!

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