Tell Me a Story Mummy

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Carl Norac, ill. Mei Matsuoka
Feb 2007
An internalised fear of a solipsistic existence whereby only her own fears and turmoils delineate her character is in danger of verification through external stimuli as Salsa the goat finds herself unable to sleep or to gain solace from those around her... The edginess of this dark subject is made more comfortable by the softened, idealised naturalistic illustrations that Mei Matsuoka lends the work.

Unable to sleep, Salsa finds herself anxious made anxious by her inability to waken any of the other sleeping animals. Tiring of making so much her exertions, Salsa seeks a different place to sleep and eventually recruits the aid of Cork, a passing sheep who she believes will have soporific effect if jumping a fence!

Unable to assist, Salsa eventually requests a story from her mum who starts with one that is too exciting, moves on to another that is too funny, to a third that is too scary. Salsa decides there is nothing for it other than to tell her mother the type of story that would be ideal, in so doing� she begins� to feel� a little sleepy� The ability to find rest and relaxation was within her all along. A sensitive and touching picture book where story and illustration move towards peaceable slumber.

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