How Embarrassing is That?

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Pete Johnson
Barrington Stoke
Jan 2007
�All the other parents were just looking around without any fuss. Only two were making a right show of themselves � mine.�

Ruby, affectionately known as Tiddles to her parents is mortified when they attend the school open day. Loud voices, flamboyant clothing and embarrassing anecdotes from childhood combine to make this a cringe-worthy visit.

Following the open day, Ruby, Grace and Callum decide to hold their own competition, the �Ouch Factor� to decide the most embarrassing set of parents. Scoring is one point for clothing too young for said parent, two points for assuming youth parlance, three for discussing schoolwork with friends, four for a public reprimand, five for public singing and six for a big hug or kiss, anywhere or anytime!

With the parameters firmly established, the competition begins but its outcome surprises the friends, who come to realise the value of parents as the people that they are regardless of whatever perceived freakeries and foibles they might have� Compromise is reached in a way that shows understanding, but that does not belittle children�s feeling and often self-conscious outlooks.

Characteristically, profundity of Pete Johnson's social comment is made accessible via his grasp of the palliative qualities of the comic.

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