Charlie Small: The Perfumed Pirates of Perfidy

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Nick Ward
David Fickling Books
Mar 2007
�We�d had enough of cleaning and cooking while the men went off and had all the fun. So Ivy called a meeting of all the pirate wives, and we decided to become pirates ourselves. The first all-lady pirate crew in the world. And we�ve not done any cleaning since!�

Found encased in a solid block of ice on the Himalayas, Charlie Small�s second journal recounts our heroes detainment and endeavours to escape the treacherous gang of lady pirates who have become his captives.

This second exciting adventure sees Charlie do battle with a deadly sea slug, become the most wanted felon on the high seas, attempt a rescue attempt from the clutches of Turncoat Craik, pit his wits against a crew of ghost pirates and find cunning use for a puffer fish.

Still unclear as to the exact nature or cause of his current predicament and term of leave from home, Charlie strives to regain possession of his mobile telephone, the only device via which contact with home � albeit a somewhat repetitive and unfulfilling contact � is made�

More excitement and adventure on the high seas than you can shake a curious and inventive Jakeman�s clockwork limpet at, keep your eyes peeled for the next thrilling instalment�!

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