Fearless Dave

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Bob Wilson
Frances Lincoln
May 2006
A self-professed �heroic tale of daring deeds, dangerous dragons, blood, gore, smoked cheese � and motherhood�, �Fearless Dave is the latest novel by Bob Wilson, most famous for his Stanley Bagshaw stories.

Employing the form of a graphic novel, �Fearless Dave� is the story of Dave, a zealous, if somewhat ineffectual knight-in-embryo and his well meaning, though somewhat overbearing, mother.

Responding to an advert in the paper making a plea for a person to help a Princess in distress, Dave sets forth with trusty wooden-blade in hand, and a bucket on his head intending to rid the princess� bedroom of the beast that dwells there. All, however, is not quite as it appears, although the outcome does mean Dave does has to contend with one of his fears and so prove himself as brave�

Good natured, playful jibes are made about the excesses and hyperbole of history and age-old stories as a tour-guide fervently embellishes the true story of Dave, presenting instead a heroic account to amaze his audience, the contrast between this and the true pictorial and narrative account of Dave�s deeds make for a tongue-firm-in-cheek romp of a read.

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