It's True! Hauntings Happen and Ghosts Get Grumpy

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Meredith Costain
Allen and Unwin
Jun 2006
If you�ve ever wondered about the existence of ghosts, whether there are aliens in outer-space and if they might have abducted people, what has happened at the Bermuda triangle and whether or not you might have extra-sensory powers then �Hauntings happen and ghosts get grumpy� is the book for you.

It offers a fascinating and highly readable guide into the worlds of the paranormal, giving you all the lowdown and presenting all the facts impartially leaving you to decide for yourself what to believe. The various rationale that have been suggested to explain ghostly encounters are provided, alongside well-researched and detailed facts � did you know for example that UFO sightings aren�t a modern occurrence and way back as long ago as 1492 a sailor on board Columbus�s Santa Maria saw glittering things in the distance appearing and disappearing? With verified web-links and practical definitions to its more specialised diction � would you know a catopromancer from a coscinomancer? - the book is a great spring-board to finding out more and developing independent research skills .

Published by Allen and Unwin �Hauntings happen and ghosts get grumpy� is one book in a great series called �It�s true!� access website for more details on these compelling non-fiction books, rarely have facts been so flavoursome!

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