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Burger Boy

Alan Durant, ill. Mei Matsuoka
Andersen Press
Jun 2006
The ACHUKA Big Burger Bonanza

A ‘super-size me’ for the small of stature. Benny doesn’t like vegetables, not carrots, peas, broccoli or any of these… No, Benny is a boy who loves burgers – he just can’t get enough of them. In fact, burgers are the only food Benny will eat. Then, one day his mother warns he will turn into a burger and one day that prophecy comes true, so begins a day in the life of a burger, no!, a boy...

“Burger Boy” is a playful and good-humoured reworking of ‘The Gingerbread Boy’ made modern for generations grown up on happy meals. Interplay between talented new illustrator Mei Matsuoka’s hugely appealing, brilliantly colourful and zany illustrations together with established critically-acclaimed author Alan Durant’s wryly humorous text creates a wonderfully accessible, much-needed-child-friendly treaty on the importance of a balanced diet posing as defence against the findings published in a paper on June 11, in the British Medical Journal stating “a junk food dietary pattern at age three was significantly associated with obesity at age seven”.

At the rough cost of only two fast-food children’s meals, this engaging picture-book with poetic diction, making it perfect for reading out loud, might just be one of the best purchases you make! As the ending will prove, this is not so much a book about abstinence as one about moderation and balance.


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Thanks for this review. You absolutely hit on the head what this book is all about. I love the illustrations too! Al

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