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Make School Libraries Obligatory?

from a report in The Indpeendent

The Society of Authors, which represents over 9,000 writers, is campaigning with other organisations for school libraries to be a legal requirement.

A recent open letter from the Society to schools minister Nick Gibb   asserted, among other things, that 'Primary and secondary schools should be required by law to have a school library and a trained librarian.'

Hundreds of people took to the streets in protest at proposals to close down several of Wirral's libraries, arts centres and sports centres...

Children's author Alan Gibbons was amongst those marching. He said, "He said: "Forty-eight percent of the British people use libraries on a regular basis - more than go to football or to cinemas put together.
"And it might not appear exciting and pizzazz and all the rest of it, but actually it's something that is precious to people."