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Looking Back

Looking Back

Photpgraph Copyright: Booktrust / photographer Asimina Giagoudaki

On the day when Michael Rosen passed on the laurels to Anthony Browne, The Guardian published this poignant and quietly caustic piece by the outgoing laureate...


I am sitting in a room with Jim Rose. He's asked to see me. He says, "We've got the alphabetical principle in place, now the next one to crack is how do we make books come alive?" He looks at me. "What do you do when you go into schools?" I tell him that I perform my poems and do a kind of linked narrative that is a bit like a stand-up comedy routine. "How often do you do it?" About twice a week. All over the country. Been doing it for about 35 years. "Really?" He seems pleased. I'm thinking, why is it a problem to work out "how to make books come alive". Teachers were doing this 20, 30, 40 years ago. There are shedloads of books on the subject. There are teams of advisers working out of local authorities or places like the Centre for Literacy in Primary Education who are training teachers to do this. There are hundreds of writers visiting schools doing this. He says he'll get back to me. He doesn't.

The Picture Book Champion

Picture Book Champion

As the new Children's Laureate he will champion children's literature in general and picture books in particular. He believes passionately that picture books are often dismissed in the scramble to push children ahead with their reading... "Although I think the Harry Potter phenomenon has been fantastic, I think that maybe children are being encouraged to read chapter books, as they sometimes call them, earlier and earlier." He believes that children, whatever their ages, should be encouraged to read both chapter books and picture books, "as we can all do". Illustrated books, he says, encourage readers to look at pictures carefully, a skill that they can apply to observing the world.

New Children's Laureate

The next Children's Laureate is announced at 11am tomorrow.
Who will it be, I wonder?
Someone not mentioned in a recent Independent article which went through some possible nominees - David Almond, Malorie Blackman - is Kevin Crossley-Holland.
Crossley-Holland, who recently published a childhood memoir, is a name that was probably in the hat.
Anyone with a notion of who it might be?