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Kindle Now On Sale In Waterstones

I walked past the Waterstones Eastbourne branch this evening just after it had closed, but noticed that the Kindle station was now stocked and apparently functional.

When I got home I found this BBC video interview with James Daunt and accompany feature from a couple of days ago...

Unfortunately, embedding the video clip in this blog post was not possible so you will have to visit the page to watch it. If you do, you'll find that Daunt comes across as reassuringly composed and relaxed about his strategy.

"I certainly believe that ownership of the physical book does matter," he adds.

"Whereas that little file embedded in a piece of plastic isn't pretty to look at. You can't lend it. You can't sell it. And you can't bequeath it to your children.

"Digital is convenient in some situations - travelling, or reading at night when you don't want to wake the wife.

"But it is also fundamentally unsatisfactory in all sorts of other ways. And that will preserve the physical book as being the majority choice for some foreseeable time, even fiction."

Kindle Touch Coming To UK
from The Telegraph:

The Kindle Touch introduces a touchscreen to Amazon's Kindle range for the first time, adding a touch-sensitive layer to the familiar e-ink black and white screen. It will sell for £109, compared to £89 for the standard Kindle. A version with 3G mobile access, allowing free downloading of books across the world, will retail at £169. Both models are available for pre-order now and will ship at the end of April. The Touch is already available in America. Amazon also announced that there are now over a million Kindle books, as well as a further million copyright-free electronic books available to all e-readers. The company said Kindle owners buy at least three times as many books as those who read only paper versions.