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Voices From The Past

Voices From The Past

New book review blog by Cornelia Merula, specialising in historical fiction, has a review of The Man from Pomegranate Street by Caroline Lawrence...

The new blog looks worth following if you're into historical fiction because, as the blogger says in her introductory post, it's becoming increasingly difficult to discover new authors via review pages in the print press:

Unfortunately, I've been finding it increasingly hard to find any information on new titles - review spaces in national publications tend to be given over to established authors that I'm already familiar with, as do promotional spaces in bookstores, and while I understand the commercial reasoning behind this, it doesn't particularly help me when I'm stuck on a long train journey. I hope I'm not alone in wanting to discover new, exciting historical fiction or even rediscover old, forgotten historical fiction. For myself, and any other readers of this blog, I aim to rectify this by not only providing other readers, other fans, of historical fiction with comprehensive reviews of new titles, but also offer new authors a platform to promote their work that they wouldn't otherwise have.

Blog Disappearance Explained

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Apologies for the unavailability of the blog for past several days.
The ACHUKA server was apparently becoming overloaded and the highest traffic area of the site had to be temporarily disabled to maintain stability of the rest of the ACHUKA site.

I am happy to report that the whole site has now been reinstated on a new more powerful server. I am personally finding the site responds a lot more quickly and everything seems to be functioning well. But when a site is moved from one platform to a slightly different platform I'm aware that somethimes internal links can become garbled, so please report anything that you find not working properly.

I'm not aware of anything Big & Bloggable that has happened in the past week, but if there was anyhthing that you think should have been reported here, give me a nudge.
I'll be catching up with the weekend reviews shortly.

New Year, New Outlook

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Expect to see things changing over the next few days as we tweak things round a bit, do a bit of rationalising and prepare for a new lease of life!

The forum (ACHUKACHAT) will be deleted. The blog (ACHOCKABLOG) will gradually become your main point of entry to the site. I won't say more about it now. I need to get busy.

More info in an upcoming eLetter.