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SCBWI Conference 2010

Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators British Isles Conference 2010
13-14 November, University of Winchester Main Campus, SO22 4NR

Our third, two-day, annual conference offers the opportunity for those who are published or unpublished to network with other authors, illustrators and publishing professionals, to work on their craft and learn more about marketing their books and the realities of today's children's book market.

Speakers include Marcus Sedgwick, Lynne Chapman, Mini Grey, Linda Chapman and David Fickling. A limited number of one-on-one manuscript and portfolio reviews with editors and art directors will be available. We will also be offering individual website reviews with a professional web designer. There is an optional critique meet on the evening of Friday the 12th, an open portfolio exhibition on Saturday 13th and various competitions for authors and illustrators.

Join us to celebrate 10 years of the SCBWI-BI and our members' recent success at our exclusive party on Saturday night!

Booking is now open at
Limited places available.

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The exhibition Contemporary Picture Book Illustration in Germany offers an intriguing insight into the work of 13 well-known German illustrators viewed from their individual perspectives. Children's book illustration in Germany is known for its great diversity, one of the features that has contributed to its growing success and recognition on an international scale.

Fri 03 Sep '10, 09:00 am To Sat 25 Sep '10. 12:00 am

Goethe-Institut/Max Mueller Bhavan

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Laure Atkins writes:

Children's literature has always courted controversy, from eighteenth-century debates concerning the dangers of fairy tales to publications of the last fifty years¬≠¬≠--such as Falling (1995) by Anne Provoost or Doing It (2003) by Melvin Burgess--that further challenge notions of what is suitable reading material for young readers. Nor can children's authors stand aside from the conflicts and political debates of their age, since these will resonate at some level in all writing for the next generation.  This conference will address controversial subject matter in children's fiction; the fictional coverage of national and international conflicts, and question any lingering assumptions that children's literature is, or should be, apolitical.

The conference will include keynote presentations by well-known writers, publishers and academics. Proposals are welcomed for workshop sessions (lasting about 20 minutes) on the following or other relevant issues/areas from any period in the history of international children's literature:

  • representations of war - from a historical perspective, or thinking about the way in which children's book engage with contemporary/ongoing conflicts;
  • generational conflict - an area of conflict that has been explored throughout the history of children's literature and that crosses literary form and genre;
  • sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll:  counterculture in children's literature;
  • the engagement with gender/sexuality in books for young people;
  • depictions of violence - in prose fiction, picture books or graphic novels;
  • the way in which  books challenge or subvert prevailing constructions of childhood;
  • dystopian children's literature;
  • controversies ensuing from perceived tensions between authors' lives/biographies and their child audience;
  • breaking formal boundaries - considering alternative narrative forms such as experimental novels or picture books; electronic narratives; fan fiction etc.;
  • historical perspective and its impact on the subversive/controversial nature of children's literature - the way in which ideological shifts can generate new readings or/ reactions to children's books;
  • controversies thrown up at different points in the history of children's literature;
  • the multifarious ways in which children's literature has engaged with religious or political issues;
  • the ways in which children's literature has broken/challenged boundaries, traditions and taboos.

We welcome contributions from interested academics and others researchers in any of these areas. Brief accounts of the papers that are presented at the conference will be published in the Spring 2011 issue of IBBYLink, the journal of British IBBY.

The deadline for proposals is 31st August  2010. Please email a 200-word abstract (for a 20-minute paper), along with a short biography and affiliation to Laura Atkins:

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Guardian Review

Guardian Review

We by John Dickinson reviewed by Philip Ardagh

Though there are some truly gripping moments of extreme danger, this is a novel of ideas more than action, but it is to Dickinson's credit that intellectual argument and internal conflict have been used to create such a strong driving force. PHILIP ARDAGH
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John Grisham Children's Titles...

Hodder & Stoughton has announced a deal to publish two children's books from bestselling author John Grisham:

The novels follow Boone, a 13-year-old boy "who knows more about the law than most lawyers do", as he becomes "unwillingly" caught up in a local murder trial. Although H&S said it would appeal to 9-12 year-olds, the books are aimed at "all the family".

The first will be published on 10 June, this year. The second will follow in 2011. Hodder has promised the launch will be "a major international event in the media, in bookshops and in online communities".

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Meet The Anholts

Meet The Anholts

Heavens above, how long has the Anholts' website looked like this!

I don't remember the 2006 redesign and relaunch looking as good as it is now. [Maybe it did and I'd just forgotten!]

I was checking ACHUKA's links page (finding a few bad urls to update) and came upon this complete overhaul and redesign which includes some innovative use of embedded video and animation. It really is now a children's books website to be proud of, featuring the full range of titles produced by both Laurence and Catherine Anholt, with buy-me links to specially signed editions all dispatched from their bookshop in Lyme Regis.

Fellow authors/illustrators: Take a look & learn :)

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