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Dark Materials Back To UK

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Telegraph | News | Pullman film lured back to Britain by Brown's tax break

The long-awaited film adaptation of Philip Pullman's best-selling trilogy of novels, His Dark Materials, has been lured from Prague to be shot at Shepperton studios, in the wake of Gordon Brown's new tax credits for high-budget blockbusters...

Tree Savagery

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Hail Holes Hostas

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Polycarbonate Sheeting and Roofing Supplies

The hail earlier in the week has hammered several holes into the outer layer of the polycarbonate roofing on our 'conservatory', so we have got to see about repair/replacement. This should be covered by insurance. But not P.'s hostas, which she had been cosseting and protecting from slug damage, only to have them shredded and be-holed from the sky!

Best show

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Spent Good Friday morning entering newly-arrived books into the MySql database, shortly to be brought into play on ACHUKA. Yellow shrub, bought as a tiny tiny plant from Woolworths when we moved here nearly 10 years ago, is now a splendid 10 foot proud specimen, looking at its best this Easter, swaying in the wind, and scratching against the window.

The slightly tedious cataloguing enhanced by Lucinda Williams' excellent new CD, World Without Tears

The conservatory wisteria is already dropping its bloom.

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