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Not Children's Lit., But...

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In the absence of any children's books stories this morning:

The Observer | Review | Art: Edouard the confessor

"Edouard Vuillard deserves a revival like no other French painter. He is the post-impressionist who slipped through the slats. A mild and modest bachelor whose tiny paintings, so subtle, and so beautifully mute, have an impact out of all proportion to their size," says Laura Cumming in this superb, critical review of an exhibition showing at the Royal Academy until April 18th. Cumming balances her praise of Vuillard's best work with a withering dismissal ["There are paintings I wish I'd never even seen"] of his later paintings. "The real decline is in the late portraits of plutocrats, wizened hostesses, society dentists with their drills... Aside from their repellently nubbled surfaces, these are hack works of the emptiest banality."

And in
Blowers is happy to blow the lot
cricket comentator Henry Blofeld reveals a joyfully cavalier approach to finance in The Sunday Times' normally achingly sensible Fame and Fortune slot.
What about Peps and Isas?
I don't have any and I don't understand anything about them.
What is the most important lesson you have learnt about money?
Spend it, then you don't lose it. I have never saved a penny in my life.

Cricinfo Facelift


Wisden CricInfo

Freddie Flintoff has to miss the Bangladesh Tests :-(
Finding this news on the CricInfo site I also discovered that Cricinfo, like Achuka, has had a redesign, and very good it looks too BUT it spawns popup ads, which I find infinitely more irritating that onpage ads. ACHUKA will never host popups unless they form part of a really ingenious publisher marketing campaign.

I enjoyed the recent cricket sequence in Garth Nix's Lirael. Anyone have a favourite children's books cricket episode they'd like to mention in the Comments slot?

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