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Governor General's Award Shortlist

It would be difficult to find five more different books than the children's text nominees for the Governor General's Literary Awards. Readers get teen romance in Under the Moon, a rollicking adventure tale in The Grave Robber's Apprentice, a rich fantasy novel in Seraphina, a tough, comic look at a kid's life in The Reluctant Journal of Henry K. Larsen and a modern fairytale in The Umbrella. Susan Noakes (for CBC Canada, takes a look at the five contenders. The winner will be announced on Tuesday, Nov. 13.

Under the Moon by Deborah Kerbel

Seraphina by Rachel Hartman of Vancouver

The Reluctant Journal of Henry K. Larsen by Susin Nielsen

The Umbrella by Judd Palmer

The Grave Robber's Apprentice by Allan Stratton

Governor General Award Winners

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Children's Literature -- Text

Christopher Moore (Toronto) From Then to Now: A Short History of the World
(Tundra Books; distributed by Random House of Canada)

Martin Fournier (Québec) Les aventures de Radisson - 1. L'enfer ne brûle pas
(Les éditions du Septentrion; distributed by Diffusion Dimedia)

Children's Literature -- Illustration

Cybèle Young (Toronto) Ten Birds, text by Cybèle Young
(Kids Can Press; distributed by University of Toronto Press)

Caroline Merola (Montreal) Lili et les poilus, text by Caroline Merola
(Dominique et Compagnie, a division of Éditions Héritage; distributed by Messageries ADP, Groupe Sogides)

Canadian Award Winner

A compelling, unusual story about a teenage girl who pays daily visits to her best friend in a coma is the winner of the 2011 French-language TD Canadian Children's Literature Award. La fille d'en face by Linda Amyot won over the TD award jury, who for the first time recognized a francophone-authored children's novel without illustrations...

ACHUKA is delighted to pass on the news that the IBBY Canada Aubrey Award is to be presented to Andrea Deakin ( Alberta) and Chantal Vaillancourt (Quebec) for distinguished service to children's literature:

The Canadian national section of the International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY) is pleased to announce that Andrea Deakin and Chantal Vaillancourt are the recipients of the 2010 Claude Aubry Award for distinguished service in the field of children's literature.

Andrea Deakin will be presented with her Aubry Award in Edmonton on Thursday October 27th from 4:30-6:30 p.m. at the Bruce Peel Special Collections Library (Lower Level, Rutherford Library, University of Alberta). Chantal Vaillancourt will receive her Aubry Award at the Museum of Fine Arts in Montreal on Tuesday, October 25th at 7.00p.m., in conjunction with the gala presentation of the French language TD Canadian Children's Literature Award.

Andrea Deakin has promoted Canadian children's literature extensively throughout her career as a teacher, syndicated book reviewer, and correspondent for the UK review journal ACHUKA. In 2004 she was awarded an honourary doctorate from Okanagan University College. An online newsletter Andrea started in 2004 is now being published by the University of Alberta as an ejournal, The Deakin Review of Children's Literature. Andrea also curated and donated a collection of award-winning children's books to the library at Okanagan College in memory of her husband. A long-time resident of Salmon Arm, British Columbia, Andrea now lives in Edmonton.

Chantal Vaillancourt has worked for over 20 years in publishing and reading promotion. She was formerly executive director of Communication Jeunesse, and helped to create the Toup'tilitou reading program in daycare centres across Quebec. Since 2006, Chantal has been a consultant, including working with the Canadian Children's Book Centre as coordinator of the French-language TD Canadian Children's Literature Award, and managing the French-language component of TD Children's Book Week. She is actively involved in the TD National Reading Summits. Chantal lives in Longueuil, Quebec.

The Claude Aubry Award was established in 1981 in honour of the late Claude Aubry of the Ottawa Public Library. Two awards are now presented biennially by IBBY Canada for distinguished service in children's literature in English, and in French. Previous recipients include David Jenkinson, Charlotte Guerette, Peter Carver, Catherine Mitchell, Bertrand Gauthier, Michael Solomon, Ron Jobe, Virginia Davis, Judy Sarick, May Cutler and Sheila Egoff.

Andrea Deakin Newsletter

Andrea Deakin has been a great friend, both professionally and personally, even though we have never met face to face. She has been ACHUKA's semi-official Canadian correspondent for many years, always ensuring I am kept up to speed with shortlist and winner announcements. I have lost count of the packages that have arrived from Canada containing books that she thinks will interest me or my grandchildren.

I am grateful beyond words for her generosity, and the farewell messages at the head of her final Children's Literature Newsletter make it clear that this very special English-born Canadian lady has spread that generosity widely.

The University of Alberta Libraries will now assume all responsibilities of the eponymous "Deakin Newsletter", which will be renamed "The Deakin Review of Children's Literature" and will be mounted on a University of Alberta Libraries webpage as an open access ejournal in mid-July.

Canadian Award Shortlists

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Canadian Award Shortlists

TD Canadian Children's Literature Award:

  • Alma Fullerton: Burn: Dancing Cat Books

  • Gordon Lightfoot: Illustrated Ian Wallace: Canadian Railroad Trilogy: Groundwood Books

  • Valerie Sherrard : The Glory Wind : Fitzhenry and Whiteside

  • Laurel Croza: Illustrated Matt James : I Know Here : Grounmdwood

  • Erin Bow: Plain Kate : Scholastic

Marilyn Baillie Picture Book Award

  • Illustrated Matt James: Laurel Croza : I Know Here: Groundwood

  • Marianne Dubac: Translated Yvette Ghione : In Front Of My House : Kids Can Press

  • Illustrated Julie Morstad: Caroline Woodward: Singing Away the Dark: Simply REad BookIllustrated Isabelle Arsenault: Kyo MacLear : Spork : Kids Can Press

  • Illustrated Bill Slavin: Linda Bailey: Stanley's Little Sister: Kids Can Press

Norma Fleck Award for Canadian Non-Fiction

  • Susan Hughes: Illustrated Michael Wandelmaier : Case Closed! Nine Mysteries Unlocked by Modern Science: Kids Can Press

  • Daniel Loxton: Evolution: How We and all Living Things Came to Be: Kids Can Press

  • Elin Kelsey: illustrated Clayton Hammer: Not Your Typical Book About the Environment: Owlkids

  • Jody Nyasha Warner: Illustrated Richard Rudnicki: Viola Desmond won't be Budged : Groundwood

  • Hadley Dyer: Illustrated Marc Ngui : Watch this Space: Designing, Defending and Sharing Public Spaces: Kids Can Press

Geoffrey Bilson Award for Historical Fiction

  • Jean Little : Exiles from the War: The War Guests of Charlotte Mary Twiss: Scholasti

  • Marthe Jocelyn: Folly : Tundra Books

  • Valerie Sherrard: The Glory Wind: Fitzhenry and Whiteside

  • Martha Brooks: Queen of Hearts: Groundwood Books

  • Caroline Pignat: Wild Geese: Red Deer Press

John Spray Mystery Award

  • Allan Stratton: Borderline: Harper Trophy

  • Jan Markley: Dead Bird Through the Cat Door: Gumboot Books

  • Marty Chan: The Mystery of the Cyber Bully : Thistledown Press

  • Y.S.Lee: A Spy in the House (The Agency) Candlewick Press

  • Norah McClintock: Victim Rights: Red Deer Press

Tundra Books Founder May Cutler Dies at 87

The founder of the Canadian indpendent publisher, Tundra Books, died at her home in Montreal on March 3rd.

Read more here

New Children's Book from Margaret Atwood

The National Post reports:

Margaret Atwood will soon publish her seventh children's book Wandering Wenda and Widow Wallop's Wunderground Washery, it was announced on Friday.

The book, which hits stores this summer, will be published by Toronto's McArthur & Company, who also plan on re-publishing two of Atwood's previous children's books -- Rude Ramsay and the Roaring Radishes and Bashful Bob and Doleful Dorinda -- in paperback and enhanced e-book form in May.

Deakin Newsletter November-December 2010

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Deakin Newsletter Nov-Dec 2010

A seasonal theme to Andrea Deakin's latest and always eagerly anticipated Newsletter...

Governor General Award Winners

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Governor-General's Awards for Children's Literature

TEXT: Wendy Philips: Fishtailing: Coteau Books

ILLUSTRATION : Jon Klassen : text by Caroline Stutson: Cat's Night Out: Simon and Schuster

2010 TD Canadian Children's Literature Award

The Canadian Children's Book Centre (CCBC) and TD Bank Financial Group today awarded Arthur Slade the 2010 TD Canadian Children's Literature Award for his thrilling book, The Hunchback Assignments. Slade received a $25,000 award, one of the largest cash prizes for children's literature at a gala event at The Carlu Tuesday evening in Toronto. In addition, HarperCollins Canada Ltd., the book's publisher, received an additional $2,500 for further promotional purposes.

Governor General Awards

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Canada's Governor General Awards Shortlists


K.L.Denman: Me, Myself and Ike : Orca Book Publishers

Lesley Fairfiled: Tyranny: Tundra Books

Gina McMurchy-Barber: Free as a Bird: Dundurn Press

Wendy Phillips : Fishtailing: Coteau Books

Cheryl Rainfield : Scars: Westside Books


Kristi Bridgeman: Uirapuru: based on a Brazilian Legend: Text: P.K.Page: Oolichan Books

Julie Flett: Owls See Clearly at Night: a Michif Alphabet/Lii Yiiboo Nayaapiwak lii Swer: l'alfabet di Michif : text Julie Flett: Simply Read Books

Matt James: I Know Here: Groundwood Books/ House of Anansi Press

Jon Klassen: Cat's Night Out: text by Caroline Stutson: Simon and Schuster

Renata Liwska: The Quiet Book: text by Deborah Underwood : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Deakin Newsletter Sep/Oct 2010

with "A Personal Note on Puffin by Andrea"

I have the fondest memories of those first Puffins. I was seven when they were first published and remember them vividly. Of course the family, like many many others, had a copy of Aircraft Recognition (a Penguin), but we also had the War in the Air series. Suddenly my "book money" went a great deal further. Our father gave us, every payday, not only our pocket money, but also a trip to a bookshop in St. Vincent's Street in Glasgow where he would pay for our choice of book, or books, up to a certain sum- thank you Puffin.

Looking through the excellent Puffin by Design, published to celebrate those 70 years, I found well-loved cover by well-loved cover. There was a book on armour, Hodge's Columbus Sails, Roger Lancelyn Green's King Arthur, Lucy Fitch Perkins' The Cave Twins, Patricia Lynch, Worzel Gummidge, Clarke Hutton.

There were titles that I remember adding to the small class collection of tales to share with my students. Puffin has and had made an enormous contribution not only to the pleasure of children, but also their literacy. Many a family could now buy a book for a child when they could never have afforded it before, and there is nothing, as a wise elderly Professor of English Education told us, nothing as valuable to a young reader as being able to reach down from a shelf their very own copy of a well-loved book.

Canadian Awards

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Canadian Awards

2010 Information Book Award : Finalists

Hugh Brewster: Dieppe: Canada's Darkest Day of World War II : Scholastic Canada

Scott Ritchie:Illustrated Scot Ritchie : Follow that Map!: A First Book of Mapping Skills: Kids Can Press

Valerie Wyatt : illustrated by Fred Rix : How to Build Your Own Country: Kids Can Press

William Gilkerson : Illustrated William Gilkerson : A Thousand Years of Pirates : Tundra Books

Diane Swanson:Illustrated Kathy Boake : You Are Weird: Your Body's Peculiar Parts and Funny Functions

Inaugural Lane Andersen Award

This is a new annual award honouring two jury-selected books, in the categories of adult and young reader, published in the field of science and written by a Canadian.

Young Reader Category:-
The Insecto-Files: Helaine Becker: illustrated Claudia Davila: Maple Tree Press

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Deakin Newsletter, July-August

Andrea Deakin has been such a generous supporter of ACHUKA over the years, regulalrly supplying me with information about Canadian awards and frequently sending me titles that she knows I will be interested in seeing, or younger family members will enjoy, that I was very disappointed to discover today her recent visit to London passed by without an opportunity for us to meet.

As ever, I commend the latest issue of her 'newsletter'.

Ruth and Sylvia Schwartz Children's Book Awards

Children's Picture Book Award

Proud as a Peacock, Brave as a Lion - Illustrator: Renne Benoit ( author Jane Barclay) : Tundra Books

Young Adult/Middle Reader Award

Vanishing Girl, The Boy Sherlock Holmes, His Third Case - Shane Peacock: Tundra Books

More Canadian Awards

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Canadian Library Association Book of the Year for Children

Nancy Hartry: Watching Jimmy (Tundra Books)

Honour Books:

Shane Peacock: Vanishing Girl (Tundra Books)
R.J.Anderson: Faerie Rebels - Spell Hunter (HarperCollins)

Canadian Library Association Young Adult Book Award

Lesley Livingstone: Wonderous Strange (HarperCollins)

Honour Books:

Carrie Mac: The Gryphon Project (Puffin Books)
Arthur Slade: The Hunchback Assignments (HarperCollins)

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Schwartz Award Shortlists

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Ruth and Sylvia Schwartz Children's Book Awards, Shortlists

Picture Book

Barbara Reid: Perfect Snow (North Winds Press/Scholastic)
Marie-Louise Gay: When Stella was Very, Very Small (Groundwood Press)
Illustrator Renne Benoit, author Jane Barclay: Proud as a Peacock, Brave as a Lion (Tundra Books)
Melanie Watt: Scaredy Squirrel at Night (Kids Can Press)
Irene Luxbacher ; author Andrew Larsen: The Imaginary Garden (Kids Can Press)

Young Adult/ Middle Reader Book Award Category

Shane Peacock: Vanishing Girl: The Boy Sherlock Holmes - His Third Case (Tundra Books)
Jill Maclean: Present Tense of Prinny Murphy (Fitzhenry and Whiteside)
Jennifer Cowan: Earthgirl (Groundwood Books)
Anna Kerz: The Mealworm Diaries (Orca Publishing)
Kelly Armstrong: The Awakening (Doubleday)

Canadian Awards

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Some recent Canadian children's book awards:

Amelia Frances Howard Gibbon Illustrators Award

Barbara Reid : Perfect Snow (North Winds Press/Scholastic)

Honour Books:-
Illustrator Nicolas Debon, author Colleen Sydor: Timmerman was Here (Tundra Books)
Illustrator Kady Macdonald Denton, author Frieda Wishinsky: You're mean, Lily Jean: (North Winds Press/Scholastic)

Elizabeth Mrazik Cleaver Picture Book Award 2009

Oleg Lipchenko: Lewis Carroll- Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (Tundra Books)

McNally Robinson Book of the Year for Young People Award

Younger category:
Colleen Sydor, Illustrated Nicolas Debon: Timmerman was Here (Tundra Books)

Older category:
Eva Wiseman: Puppet (Tundra Books)

Sheila A. Egoff Children's Literature Prize

Carrie Mac: The Gryphon Project (Puffin Books)

Christie Harris Illustrated Children's Literature Prize

Frieda Wishinsky, Illustrated Dean Griffiths: Maggie Can't Wait (Fitzhenry and Whiteside)

Cumulative Website Listing

Here is the cumulative featured website listing that was missing from the most recent Deakin Newsletter... worth bookmarking...

Deakin Newsletter Spring

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Deakin Newsletter - Spring 2010

Great as usual, though I miss the normal cumulative list of bookmarked websites..

Deakin Newsletter November-December 2009

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Andrea Deakin Dewlsetter November-December 2009

a full and richly informative edition, as always

Governor-General's Awards:

Children's Literature: Text

English: Caroline Pignat - Greener Grass: The Famine Years (Red Deer Press/ Fitzhenry and Whiteside)
French: Herve Bouchard - Harvey (Les Editions de la Pasteque)

Children's Literature: Illustration
English : Jirina Marton - Bella's Tree : text Jane Russell (Groundwood Books)
French: Janice Nadeau - Harvey text Herve Bouchard (Les Editions de las Pasteque)

This is the first time First one book ( in the French list) has won both text and illustration awards.

TD Canadian Children's Literature award
Nicola I. Campbell, illustrated Kim Le Fave - Shin-Chi's Canoe (Groundwood Books)

Governor-General's Awards Shortlists

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Children's Literature-Text

Shelley Hrditschka : Sister Wife (Orca Book Publishers)

Sharon Jennings : Home Free (Second Story Press)

Caroline Pignat : Greener Grass: The Famine Years (Red Deer Press/ Fitzhenry and Whiteside)

Robin Stevenson : A Thousand Shades of Blue (Orca Book Publishers)

Tim Wynne-Jones : The Uninvited (Candlewick Press/ Random House)

Children's Literature- Illustration

Rachel Berman : text Tim Beiser: Bradley McGogg, the Very Fine Frog (Tundra Books)

Irene Luxbacher: test Andrew Larsen : The Imaginary Garden (Kids Can Press)

Jirina Marton: text Janet Russell : Bella's Tree (HarperCollins)

Luc Melanson: text Olivier Ka, translated Helen Mixter: My Great Big Mamma (Groundwood Books)

Ningeokuluk Teevee: translated Nina Manning-Toonoo: Alego (Groundwood Books)

Deakin Newsletter - Summer 2009

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