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Michael Grant's Top Tip(s)

Michael Grant, the bestselling author of the Gone and BZRK series, tells it as he sees it when it comes to writing advice. From The Guardian:

Here comes the serious advice to aspiring writers: Dear Aspirer, if you want to write, write. I can't help you. Maybe someone else can, who knows? Writers often offer up helpful hints, and I've done the same in moments of weakness, but here's the truth as I see it from my own narrow and subjective perch: You can either come up with stories or you can't. You either have the ambition and work ethic to sit there typing for months on end or not. But you do it by doing it. There is no short cut. It's hard, and that's a good thing, because trying and failing, and trying again, and learning how your own mind works, learning the potential and limitations of your own talent, acquiring little tricks of craft, building your confidence through actual success, that's how you do it. That's how you write YA novels or anything else. The long road is the short cut.