Why Traditional Publishing Is Really In A 'Golden Age' : NPR

Michael Pietsch, soon-to-be CEO of the traditional publisher Hachette Book Group, Interviewed

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What has changed in a really exciting way is the ways you can get people's attention. It used to be one book review at a time, a daily review, maybe you get into Time magazine. Now there's, with the Internet, this giant echo chamber. Anything good that happens, any genuine excitement that a book elicits can be amplified and repeated and streamed and forwarded and linked in a way that excitement spreads more quickly and universally than ever before. And what I'm seeing is that really wonderful books -- the books that people get genuinely excited about because they change their lives, they give them new ideas -- those books can travel faster, go further, sell more copies sooner than ever before. It's just energized the whole business in a thrilling way.