Philip Reeve: The Traction Codex

The Traction Codex Now Available As An Individual Purchase

from the Philip Reeve blog:

A couple of years ago I spent a very pleasant few days with Jeremy Levett in Bristol, coming up with something called The Traction Codex. It's a sort of encyclopaedia/history of the World of Mortal Engines, featuring all those things you Always Wanted To Know But Could Never Be Bothered To Ask, like, how did Airhaven get airborne? Why do the cities use heavier-than-air fighters while the Green Storm stick to airships? Who was Red Loki? etc, etc.  We've also added some details which never made it into the books, like the alarming sport of 'Traktionturnieren' or civic jousting...

The codex has recently been bundled with ebook editions of Mortal Engines as an appendix, but readers who already own copies of the print books can now acquire the Codex as a separate purchase (for just 85p):