Daunt Calls Amazon A Job Destroyer

Daunt Criticises Amazon's Business Model

BeattiesBookBlog reports:

James Daunt has restated his view that Amazon operates in an advantageous fiscal environment in the UK allowing it to aggressively grow its business at the expense of smaller high street stores.

In an interview with the Financial Times, Daunt questioned why Amazon should receive tax breaks to open warehouses that sucked jobs away from high streets. "What proportion of jobs do they create in a warehouse relative to the number they destroy on the immediate high streets around them, and why is the taxpayer funding this destruction?" he said.
Daunt said Amazon's "very business model is a job destroyer".

In theory at least, the FT website gives access to a limited number of articles per month before a paid subscription becomes necessary. In my case, however, I was told "You have reached your monthly limit of articles," immediately after registering!