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New York Times Review

The Great Unexpected by Sharon Creech, revieiwed in the NYT by Elizabeth Weil

How can life be so painful yet so beautiful? How can we make sense of what we feel? Many of the most beloved children's books ask these questions by treading lightly on reality, allowing young readers to wade ankle-deep in the joys and agonies of being human without sinking into existential muck.

"The Great Unexpected" does just that. Two orphaned girls, one shown with only the faintest hint of a chest on the book's cover, are trying to understand loss, romance, jealousy and fortune in the backward town of Blackbird Tree. Within the first five pages a possibly-dead-yet-talking boy falls out of the sky. As in "Charlotte's Web" and "The Secret Garden," little of what takes place is realistic except for how the children feel. ELIZABETH WEIL

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