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The Grimm Legacy by Polly Shulman, reviewed by Mary Hoffman

after a rather slow build-up, the plot starts spiralling nicely up and away into the surreal convolutions of a Margaret Mahy novel and, indeed, the villain did remind me of Carmody Braque in Mahy's The Changeover. There is a villainess too, who adds Anjali to her collection of princess dolls, transforming her into a marionette, using a cheap wand: "It looked like it came out of a magic kit, the kind an uncle might give his six-year-old nephew." This part all gets a bit Harry Potter, with a golden key, a "shrinking ray" and a fluttering fan, which conveniently disposes of one adversary.

Unusually, and pleasingly, the younger siblings are instrumental in the resolution; Marc's brother André and Anjali's younger sister Jaya both have parts to play. And at the end, when Elizabeth finds herself in Nowhere with André, the writing is almost as good as Robin McKinley's. MARY HOFFMAN

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